Disability Insurance Policies

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The ability to work and hold a steady job is a privilege many people no longer have. The opportunity to go to work each day can be taken away due to a disability. When this happens, the person needs a source of income to replace the lost wages. Disability insurance steps in, and its role in helping those unable to work is important.

Disability insurance is available through an employer or social security. The insurance works in two ways. It pays part or all of a worker's salary until they return to work. If they do not return to work, the payments continue. The other option is it can pay a monthly amount equal to between 60-100 percent of their salary until work resumes.

Claiming disability is not easy, mostly because there have been thousands of cases of fraud. However, once a claim is verified as legitimate, payments begin immediately. When employees enroll for this insurance through their employer, they can only enroll for coverage that is not higher than their current salary. This prevents workers from claiming disability, only to get more money than they earned on the job. However, riders that let disability payments keep up with inflation and salary increases.

The primary goal of this insurance is to decide if the person is really disabled or can they find another job.  Once disability is confirmed by a physician, payments are made either on a regular basis each month or as a lump sum.

A disabled person can benefit from this insurance when working is impossible.

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