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Recreational Vehicles Insurance Policies

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People who work hard deserve to have fun when they’re not working. This is why recreational vehicles like boats, motor homes, trailers and off-road vehicles are popular with some people. It's a good idea to purchase recreational vehicle insurance because accidents can happen, even when you’re out having fun.

Spending time on the water is enjoyable for many people, that’s why insurance for boats and jet skis is more popular. Boat insurance is intended for boats that are shorter than 50 feet long. There are many options available, including insurance for vintage boats that are at least 25 years old, and speedboats. An insurance company might also offer hurricane haul-out, boat lift and hoist coverage, tournament fee reimbursement and more.

For those who prefer driving to being on the water, insurance is available for trailers and motor homes. The best policies provide comprehensive coverage for sudden and accidental loss. This includes loss from fire, theft, lightning and vandalism. The policies also provide coverage for attachments like awnings, television antennas and satellite dishes. Another option is total loss replacement coverage, which will replace a motor home if it's destroyed within the first five years of ownership. This type of policy is like homeowner's insurance, as it provides protection for the vehicle while it's parked.

Off-road vehicles need insurance as well. Most recreational vehicle insurance policies provide year-round protection for snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles.

Recreational vehicles are fun and exciting, but insurance is necessary to keep your investment covered.

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